Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You'll have to excuse my blogging break...this little orange has been turning my stomach upside down for the last three months!
8 weeks (nearly 8 weeks ago!)

There you have it...the big announcement.  Baby S will be arriving in July and we couldn't be more excited.  It was a rough few months of morning, noon, evening, up all night sickness.  Whoever deemed it "morning sickness" was WRONG!  My amazing husband held the fort down, working all day, cooking, cleaning and playing with Josie while I felt like the "flu" was never going away.  The crazy part is that I had a perfect pregnancy with Josie, not a day of morning sickness, heartburn, constipation, etc.  I felt awesome the entire pregnancy.  Oh, was I in for a rude awakening on November 27th, the first day of "oh my gosh, I'm going to throw up".  I thought I was coming down with something....yeah, a pregnancy something.  Now I completely understand what millions of women have experienced.  So...of course I think it's a boy, because this is COMPLETELY opposite of what I experienced with Josie.  Who knows, Kyle is NOT on the boy wagon, but we'll know soon enough.  I'm 15 weeks and in 5 more weeks we'll be finding out if this little one is a boy or girl.

Last March we got pregnant and then miscarried in April.  It was stunning when we were at the Doctor's office and she said there wasn't a heartbeat.  WOW!  There isn't a word to describe the feeling of hearing that news.  I was 9 weeks and the baby was measuring 6 weeks.  After a D and C and a few days of total shock, I came to realize that little one wasn't meant to be in our life.  Needless to say, this was a very plotted pregnancy and we are so blessed that everything is going well.

I will get caught up on the few things that happened in November, December and January and the even fewer pictures that were taken.  And now that I'm feeling better, you should see more regular posts of my little girl who is getting so big!  Well maybe not big in physical size, but big in learning new things.