Monday, January 11, 2010

Two Kicks

Friday I was sitting here at the computer checking my email and I felt something in my lower abdomen. It’s like nothing I’ve felt before and then it happened again. The first two little kicks from Baby Girl Sonneman! It was sooo cool! I have felt a few since and can’t wait for Kyle to feel her move.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Anatomy Ultrasound

After our last ultrasound (early December), we decided to ask our mom’s to join us for the BIG one, the one everyone asks about. Once we had an appointment, we told each of them we’d like them to join us and of course they said yes. With a little rearranging of Frank and Randy’s winter move south, they were both here.

Randy came into town Friday and we had a great weekend packed full of eating, shopping, registering for baby stuff, eating, more shopping, going to the final Bronco game of the season, eating, happy hour with Stony Creek Friends and fiiiiiiiinaly, the ultrasound on Tuesday morning.

I had a full bladder as I followed the directions, which were to drink 1 quart of liquids before my appointment. Part of the ultrasound was with a full bladder and the rest was much more comfortable. The ultrasound tech moved all around showing us all limbs, fingers and toes, head, spine, ribs, etc. Finally she said there is a great picture of the bottom and there we have it….It’s a GIRL!!!!

There were so many thoughts, wives tales about what I was eating or craving. My mom and Kyle had said all along it was a girl, and sure enough, they were right. I really didn’t have any idea. We are very excited and for whatever reason it makes it feel so real now that we know the sex.

I already know the next question, which is after the first two most popular questions:
1. “How are you feeling?”
2. “What are you having?”
3. “What are you going to name her?” “Do you have any names?”

The answer to number three is yes, we have a name. The second part to the answer is that we aren’t telling until she makes her appearance in May. We are both so excited and now I can’t wait to start getting the nursery ready. Yeah for pink, bows, dresses and all the girly stuff…

Baby Girl Sonneman...we may have a thumb sucker!

a cute little foot

2010 Off Season

It was a long year for us, with nearly no downtime during the off season. There were ups and downs and it ended with a sad loss on January 3rd. What that sad loss means is there are smiles all over Denver for the families and friends of Bronco staff, players and coaches.

This off season we have a lot going on, and having planned accordingly, we have a lot to be excited for! Here’s to 2010 off season!