Thursday, September 30, 2010


Since Josie's birth, we have had soooo many wonderful family and friends come into town to see her.

  • Birth, Mimi (Grandma Sonneman) was in town

  • 5 weeks old  Erin was in town for a family trips and she stayed with us for 2 nights.  Josie had colic then so it was the quietest time to meet her, but Erin had a good time
  • 8 weeks old, Teresa came into town to meet Josie.  We went to the pool, and Teresa came over to our house to see Josie's room...she stayed the Jaime.
  • 9 weeks old, Josie met Aunt Karen (Great Aunt, yes..but that sounds old and Aunt Karen isn't old , so she is remaining Aunt Karen) Cousins Kristi and Kelsey.  This was the girls weekend in Aspen.
  • 10 weeks old Hunter came all the way from Virginia to meet Josie.  It was a quick trip for Hunter, thanks to the airlines, but we did manage some pool time.
  • 11 weeks, Kelly's dear friend Kate was in town and of course got to meet Josie, we shopped and dined
  • 13 weeks Amber came for a long weekend.  It was awesome, we just hung out, shopped and got some QT with Amber
  • 17 weeks Aunt Lisa came from Fargo.  It was so good to see her again. We hadn't seen her since we were in Fargo when Josie was 3 weeks old.  We shopped and went to Josie's first Broncos game.
We are so thankful for everyone coming to meet Josie!

12 Weeks

Getting stronger and stronger to sit in the bumbo

11 weeks

It doesn't take long to get behind...

Josie's favorite position with Dad
Sleeping at Aunt Kelly and Uncle Dan's
too tired to eat!

one of her first naps in her crib