Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thankful the remainder of November

Day 25...
101. a warm cozy place in the mountains to retreat to.
102. weekends with family and friends
103. watching Josie learn new things
104. I don't participate in the craziness called BLACK Friday

Day 26...
105. to see where Tyler and Andrew are residing this winter
106. Thanksgiving leftovers

Day 27
107. a safe drive home
108. a Bronco WIN!!!
109. Josie rash getting better

Day 28
110. so glad we came on Sunday rather than today {Monday}
111. naps to recover from a holiday weekend

Day 29
112. my mom, making time in her schedule to watch Josie

Day 30
113. :)
114. afternoon nap, for me!

It's was an awesome month of things to be thankful for, and all year.  Too many things to write down, but I covered the blessings in my life that are most important.  Happy Holidays!