Saturday, July 7, 2012

2 years old!!!!

This is so very over due, but we had a great celebration for Josie’s 2nd birthday.  I still can’t believe we officially have a toddler, and I thought life was fast before kids.  Ha!  We had a little birthday the three of us and Uncle Walt on her actual birthday and after the first candle blowout and ice cream eating, she said “again”, so we did it all over again.  Even a second helping of ice cream….I mean, it is her birthday, of course another helping is appropriate

The weekend after her birthday was Memorial Day weekend and the three of us headed to Aspen for our last trip before baby arrives.  We had a great time, playing in the park and river, morning walks along the Rio Grande Trail and enjoying some family time.  On Friday night she started saying “Josie do it” and Saturday she wanted to eat corn on the cob, on the cob. (I had been cutting it off for her).  She had no idea it was her birthday and that she was now two years old, but it certainly seemed like she changed into a little two year old over night!  Kyle loves her independence, I’m getting used to it:) I know I’ll love it soon, we just can’t do anything quickly when “Josie do it”.

The following weekend we had a small celebration with family and friends.  It was so much fun to have kids Josie plays with over for a little party.  It was a simple BBQ, sprinkler action that was a huge hit and of course cake and ice cream.  She LOVES Sesame Street and specifically Elmo so it was an Elmo party.  I love parties, but I tired not to go overboard especially since she really had no idea what it was all about.  I figure I have years of parties to plan.  We all had a great time and took naps that afternoon.  WARNING: lots of pictures!
First helping...not quite sure what to do with the candles.

Second helping...she gets it now!
Dig in!

So very happy...Alphabet Elmo from Grandpa Tom

walking in the river, in ICE COLD WATER!
ready to go!

corn on the cob...

waiting for the bus

at the park


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