Friday, July 20, 2012

Visit from Aunt Lisa and “Ankle” Brian

Lisa and her fiancé Brian came for a visit and we had a great time.  Of course Josie had a great time with them playing and showing off all her tricks.  Brian hadn’t been to Denver, so we showed him around…local restaurants we love, Coors brewery, the mountains, Breckenridge and the alpine slide, Boulder, shopping at the outlets, and Red Rocks.  We ran around for 5 full days and honestly I was exhausted, but had a great time. 

Kyle took Josie up the chairlift to take her down the alpine slide.  I was a nervous wreck about the chairlift part.  No seat belt, potentially a deadly fall, how in the world was he going to keep our little wiggle worm in his arms.  Needless to say they arrived at the bottom of the hill safe and sound and she had such a great time.  It was also Father's day, so it was a big weekend!

Sadly Lisa and Brian had to go home, but we get to see them again in less than two months at their wedding Labor day weekend!

Happy Father's Day!
Coming down the slide, she kept saying "faster Dada"

intently listening to the tour at Coors Brewery...

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