Friday, July 20, 2012

Kelsey and Nathan’s Wedding

This was a big weekend for all of us.  When my cousin Kelsey got engaged, she asked Josie to be the flower girl, of course we said yes.  At the time I wasn’t pregnant, so come Christmas when we told the extended family that I was pregnant, I also had to tell Kelsey that Kyle and I wouldn’t be at her wedding but Josie could still be the flower girl.  I thought it would be no big deal, send her with my family for the weekend…..But as June 21st got closer, I had different thoughts about sending my little 2 year old for a weekend away without either parent.  What the HELL was I thinking? 

I had her little suitcase so organize, all the clothes for each day in bags, so my Mom/Sister/Aunt/Grandma would know what she was wearing, shoes, bows, snacks, distractions, music…everything I could possibly think of to make their weekend easier.  The day of, I was a wreck, I mean from the minute I got up!  I had called the airline to see if I could get a gate pass and they said it would be no problem, to get it when I check Josie in.  So I knew I would see her off until the very last second. 

My Mom, Josie and I are at the counter checking her in and I ask the agent for a gate pass.  She said, “Oh no problem, let me get so-and-so to get that for you”.  So this nice lady comes over and says, “We only give gate passes to people traveling with seniors that need assistance”.  I LOST IT, full on tears, couldn’t speak….a scene to say the least.  My mom tells her the situation and thankfully the lady gave me a pass, but it didn’t help the fact that I already couldn’t compose myself and she made it 100 times worse.  Moving on…I got the pass and we were off through security and to the gate.  We picked up some lunch that Josie could eat on the place and then it was time to board.  They boarded early and again I was a mess…could cry as I type, just remembering the day.  I said goodbye to my baby girl and down the ramp they went. 

The weekend went well, Josie was a little angel, walked down the isle and danced the night away.  She made friends with Kelsey’s bridesmaids and took a special liking to one named Brit.

The first night she was gone, I slept terribly…it was just so quiet at home.  The second night was better and by Saturday I was just counting down the hours until 2:41pm on Sunday when the plane was scheduled to land.  I met them at baggage claim and Josie came running, oh I was so glad to see her.  I think my family was pretty exhausted. 

The repercussions of sending your two year old off for 4 days and 3 nights of off schedule living…she slept and ate for two and a half days upon her return.  I was so happy to have our family under one roof again. 

Congrats to Kelsey and Nathan!!!
Sitting in the make-up chair, waiting for her turn
Rehearsal dinner with Aunt Karen and Grammy
walking down the isle to Aunt Kelly
Being announced at the reception, assisted by Aunt Karen
Kelsey and Josie
She clearly has no idea what's happening...
Hanging with Grammy

Doing the chicken dance, to whatever song is playing
clap, clap, clap!
The beautiful couple

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